Winning Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat was, until recently, a somewhat ritualistic game of the high-rollers, available in separate rooms in casinos for improved privacy and security. Later, with the game’s popularity rising, smaller scale versions were developed for lower betting casino players. With the growing popularity of online casinos in New Zealand, baccarat became a game accessible for everyone.Baccarat

Baccarat is quite different from the other popular casino table games, in a lot of aspects – counting of card values, participating in the game, and the rules governing the actions of the players. Also, it requires a much different playing strategy – meaning no strategy. Why? Let me explain.

Baccarat is ruled by pure mathematical probabilities. It’s a game of chance, in the literal meaning of the world. There is no way to predict the outcome of any hands, especially when several decks of cards are mixed together in the shoe – the box used for storing and dealing cards in casino table games.

Mathematics have their say: in Baccarat, chances to win are almost exactly 50%. Almost – banker hands win in 50.68 per cent of cases, except for ties. The only one to be sure to win in baccarat is the house – the 5% commission on all winning bets is a steady income.

For the one betting, baccarat is a game of good guessing and money management. It is important to keep your bets at bay, never bet more than you can afford to lose. Try to set your limits – when sitting down at a baccarat table, decide how much is the minimum amount you are comfortable losing, and stick to your limits. Also, don’t give in to the ‘just one more round’ and ‘i have a winning streak’ urges – walk away with your winnings.

Set your limits: when sitting down to play, set a maximum and minimum limit, and when you reach it, walk away. For example, when you start to play with $100 in your pocket, decide to leave if you lose $50 or win $50. This way you can leave the table either with $50 or with $150, and you also keep your self respect.

By its very nature, baccarat doesn’t leave much room to player actions. It’s a game of pure chance – the only decision you, as a participant, can make is to bet. Learn the rules – it is important to know exactly what is happening. Other than that – may the godess Fortuna bless you with a winning streak and enough self control to walk away with money in your pocket.