Scam Alert

This section is dedicated to any form of scams that we come across in the industry. We keep an eye on many of the Casino Watchdog forums and legitimate watchdog sites and will warn you of any scams here. Be sure to check back here regularly.

Watch out for bonus and promotion scams.

Casino Bonus and Casino promotion scams
So-called “watchdogs” who claim to be the “Gods” of the industry when most of them simply try to bullshit you into crappy deals that mean absolutely nothing.
There are simply too many cases where a player unknowingly joins a Casino by way of some special hook usually a bonus then goes on the roll of a lifetime only later to learn the Casino stopped paying its customers, or that some fineprint prohibits them from getting their money.
For real, legitimate bonuses see our Casino Bonus page!!!!

Typical Casino Bonus Scams
Some casinos offer players a free wager bonus for signing up with their casinos with “no strings attached”. A player would then sign-up and find the money in their account (let’s say $20), and all seems in order. The player wagers this money, wins and doubles his money (let’s say he has $40). The player checks his account and it only shows $20! Now he wagers this money and wins again. The Casino refuses to give him his money claiming “illegitimate practices”! This actually happens!

Another scam involves match bonuses. A player will deposit money, say $5000. The Casino will give him an extra $ 1000. He check his account and sees $6000. He then looses $1000, and decides to cash out. When the check arrives its for $4000! He complains and is told that his account has now been closed as the Casino believes he only joined to take unfair advantage of their generous offer!

Now there is nothing wrong with “non-refundable” funds as long as the conditions are properly explained. Click here to see our list of Preferred Casinos who won’t scam you!

How we rate them

So why do we recommend the Gambling sites that you see on this site?

Well first of all we’ve had a lot of experience. We’ve run licensed gaming sites ourselves (including Casinos, Sportsbooks and other gambling sites), ALTHOUGH NONE OF US ARE INVOLVED WITH ANY OPERATORS AND HAVE NOT BEEN FOR OVER A YEAR NOW. This gave us a lot of insight into the issues involved in this complex industry. Secondly, we are a couple of guys who love gambling! But, we hate being taken for a ride!

Our rating system is fairly simple. We look at a some key issues:

Licensed jurisdiction (just about the most important issue to consider – see our comments on Licensing jurisdictions)
Customer service
Promotions and Bonuses
Payout ratios
Website ease of use (usability)
Special Features
Sign-Up Bonuses
The experience of the operator
Quality of the software
Range of games Offered
Types and range of Wagers offered
Where relevant, we will also give you our general impression of the whole process from signup, to depositing funds to wagering to cashing in as well as our impressions of customer service.

Also remember that choosing the right online gambling site can have a huge effect on your winnings.

There are also some other reputable review sites and watchdogs that we monitor all the time.

We review each casino and poker site listed on this site on an ongoing basis. . We have used many Casinos and Multiplayer Poker sits in our time which has given us a good idea of what to look for. Our Preferred Casinos in our experience offers the best casinos around.