Caribbean Stud poker strategy

Poker is one thing, casino poker is something else altogether. Most rules – hand rankings, card rankings and such – might be the same, but the gameplay is different, as is the goal of the game. Caribbean Stud is your typical casino poker game. Instead of playing against each other, players of Caribbean Stud bet against the house. The only real decision that can be made by the player is to play or to fold.

poker playing cards
Instead of a clever betting strategy, Caribbean Stud poker needs knowledge of the odds – the chances of getting a powerful poker hand needed to win big. First of all, players of Caribbean Stud have an almost 50% chance to get a worthless hand – but the dealer has the exact same chances to have nothing than any player. If the dealer has a hand with no value, it means the end of the game – winning even money on the ante bet, that’s all for the player.

Statistical analysis shows that the odds of getting a really strong hand – one with a considerable payout at the Caribbean Stud table – are low. While pairs appear on average in every 20th hand, a straight will be dealt only once every 256 hands, a full house every 700th hand and a royal flush – the least frequent hand in any poker game – will be dealt on average every 650,000th hand.

Interestingly, players have a much better chance to win the progressive jackpot of the Caribbean Stud poker game than most of the really valuable hands. Some experts say playing the progressive is not a lucrative option – but it’s one further chance of winning. Keep in mind that even if you have a strong hand, the dealer might not qualify – in this case your play bet is a push. Progressive jackpot pays even if the dealer has nothing…

As I said before, playing or folding is the only decision that can influence the outcome of a round of Caribbean Stud. Players should use the opportunity to do so: play only decent hands, fold any worthless ones.
As a basic rule, never bet play if you have anything less than one pair. Your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand – a high card, or anything lower, has slim chances to do that.

Also, if you have a hand below that one pair, fold. Yes, staying in the game might win you even money on your ante, but only half of the times. You can avoid losing more if you simply don’t take any chances.